Rustenburg is clearly a buyers Property Market with great buys coming to those who wait…

Rustenburg is clearly a buyers Property Market with great buys coming to those who wait…

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Here is my first Rustenburg Property Related blog Post on

I have been an estate Agent with Remax Rustenburg on and off for 6 Years now and to be honest there is not really any growth in the property market in the last 6  years.

My common sense tells me that the price of bricks has increased over the last 6 years but the price of homes built with bricks has stayed the same….. The prices of houses in Rustenburg must grow in the near future to catch up to the building costs of building a new home.

My advice to people who are interested in buying a new home will be to watch out for great deals to buy lets say a 2016 property at 2007 prices , what this means  is lets say in 2020 the property market will back where it should be (8% increase in value  per year)  and a house you bought in 2016 for a R1 000 000 is now worth  R1 360 488 but if you can buy a property at 2007 prices you will score 9 years worth of growth which could be a massive amount to gain when the property market turns.

Me and my property business partner we buy property at great prices and also in great areas in Rustenburg (Our opinion of good areas is Safari Gardens , Cashan near the mall , and also some parts of Proteapark and Geelhout park near the old spar). We have been lucky enough to break even from day one with all of our properties (Bond repayment, Levis , Utilities and Rates and taxes) with the rental we receive from tenants.


Our latest edition to our property portfolio is “Monty” (Mount crest sectional title near the waterfall mall) The units was sold for R820 000 in 2010 , we bought it now for R785 000 and with all the attorney costs of about R36 000 the unit will cost us R821 000 almost exactly the same of the 2010 selling price.  The last 3 units that have been sold in the complex has gone for a R 1 050 000 , R1 000 000 & R950 000. You could say we have already made between R100 000 and R150 000 profit.

In Conclusion there is still money to be made in Rustenburg with properties but you will have to do your homework and wait for the right property at the right price in the right area :)

If you would like me to help you also buy properties in great areas for great prices please feel free to contact me on 072 252 9894 or send me a mail to