The Big Secret behind the perfect makeup, starts with your skin care routine.

As a Somatologist, with 8 years of experience in the field, I noticed a need in every bride. The need to have that healthy glowing skin with that picture perfect makeup.

Now it is possible with these following steps:

1. Everybody loves their cup of coffee, but one disadvantage of coffee is that it dehydrate your skin & organs and decrease the                metabolism. Replace that cup of coffee with a glass of water with a slice of lemon in your water. Not only does it removes the                impurities but also hydrate the skin.

2.  The correct Facial wash or Cleanser that suites your skin is very important. Some Cleanser can dehydrate or skin and some can          even be greasy and  cause more bacteria to grow on your skin.

3.  Treat yourself & exfoliate your skin twice with a enzyme exfoliater, Gatineau Activ Eclat, it remove the dead skin cells and at              the same time boost your skin with vitamins to give that healthy glow.

4. Use a hydrating mask, once a week to tackle that fine lines on your skin. Optiphi  Classic Hydra Derm Masque, is the perfect            solution to give your skin that suppleness & softness. Apply the mask before you go to bed & wash off in the morning.

5. The most important ingredient to your perfect skin, the RegimA Super Smoother day cream. It is light on the skin & help                      increase your skin texture in 2 weeks to a fine texture.

6. Do not forget your sunscreen, I rely on Optiphi Protect the Canvas, with no greasiness. It is light and mattifying cream that                demolish all the shine.

With these basic steps, you have the perfect skin care routine for that picture perfect makeup.