Off to a “Frying” start to my Show house efforts for 2016

Off to a “Frying” start to my Show house efforts for 2016


Ok guys let me tell you about my show day at Mount crest 3 (Monty from previous blog post) , our show days at Remax starts at 11:00 and one of the nicest things about Remax here in Rustenburg is that they place the on show boards for you and they also remove them after 17:00.

I was so hopeful for a few potential clients today that i even made a mint-lemon-ice-water drinks fountain but to be honest only my Principle had a glass and she had a very sour first glass of the “elixir” .

I had to sit outside the unit in the shade to keep an eye on the gate for potential clients to give them entry, at about 15:00 I looked down at my left arm and noticed that it was so red from the sun and i knew it must have been the reflection of the brick road that toasted me.

Petrisia was a life saver today , she brought me the best lunch (Gordon Blue Chicken and Standerton Veggies from her Mothers Garden) and just before  the close of the show day i got some Custard Jelly Yum Yum.

I did not get any visitors from outside the complex today but i was lucky enough to get an well priced listing and a new client from the complex and guys hold your thumbs that i might be able to sell him his dream home here in Rustenburg.

All and all it was a great day for me and i know that the next show day will be better .


Please keep me in mind if you are in the market to buy a house here in Rustenburg or if you would like to sell your house here in Rustenburg.


Yours in Real estate