I am a wedding and lifestyle Photographer. I am passionate about working with people. Photography for me is a never ending dream, always seeing something beyond the simple picture in front of me. I LOVE the thrill of a challenge!

I am a hard working mother, and wife! Everything I do and work for goes towards my families future. I like to call myself “supermom”. I am really excited for the future and I don’t want to settle for less that total success!!!!

I own this company and with the help of my mother I run it like a pro. My mother also assists me with photo shoots. We are a great team. We dream big and work even harder!!

What makes me different from other photographers would be my personality… I am a fun, loving person. I always help me clients the extra mile if possible! My style is different, I see ideas and try to do them better! My work has never been about the money I make but more about the experience I got from all the different types of people I meet and get to work with.

My business will grow for a long time because I am not prepared to be happy with what I have now… I always want more and to become better and better.






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