Welcome to BabyGym with Marijke-Rustenburg

We explore how loving touch, massage, movement and waking up the : nose, mouth, ears and eyes- make your baby curious to move, learn and have fun!

When our eyes wake up to the wonder world of a baby’s brain and body, we become present in the moment, we enjoy every stage of our baby’s growth and development, and we learn to celebrate each and every milestone!

For whom is BabyGym?

Our Programs have been designed to guide mom, dad and caregiver from pregnancy, through birth and through each of the physical developmental milestones including : suckling, head control, rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.

When can you join BabyGym?

-It is recommended that pregnant couples join BabyGym 1 around 20 weeks and onward.
-Once baby is born mom, dad and baby van join a BabyGym 2 class as soon as they are ready to leave home. Most families choose to join BabyGym 2 between 6-12 weeks.
-BabyGym 3 classes are attended as baby nears the relevant milestone : sitting, crawling and walking.



10 Kameelboom Ave Rustenburg


-25.6877467, 27.2250511

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